In 1992, I was diagnosed and came to know that I was suffering from Rectum Cancer. After that, I was operated in Tata Memorial Hospital and had started with Chemotherapy. But due to Chemoterapy, I started suffering from ample of side effects. I was loosing all my hopes in life. In 1995, Dr. Harishchandra Joshi(one of the great idol in Astrology field), recommended me Vaidya Dhananjay Khasgiwale’s medicine. He said, “take Khasgiwale’s medicine, he will only cure your disease.” Till today, I am taking the medicines from Vaidya Dhananjay Khasgiwale. His medicines gave me amazingly positive results and now at present i am cancer free. I will just say he gave me my second life, which was really impossible for any other doctor to cure my disease. Vaidya Khasgiwale is equivalent to God for me.

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