I had a long duration complicated delivery and probably my daughter did not get enough oxygen. She showed no cp symptoms for about two years. But later she had a difficulty in restoring balance, co-ordination and speech. It came as a shock to me when the doctor told me about cp.” Doctors did counselling and physiotherapy but that did not help. “We thought of trying Khasgiwale vaidya’s treatment about which we had heard a lot. At that time, i was not very convinced about it. It was 1985 and she was five years old then. He gave her massage and the nasal drops. After 15 days, her teacher told me with great astonishment that my daughter was able to write better than before. I still bring her here although she no longer bears that peculiar expression on her face and looks like a normal child. I can leave her alone in the house. she manages almost everything. For exercising the joints, she goes to swim.

– Parents of Patient of Cerebral Palsy, Pune