In the year 1994 i was admitted at a hospital in Belgaum regarding breathing problem. Doctors diagnosed that a part of my chest was filled with water and they decided to do biopsy. During biopsy they came to know that i was also suffering from cancer. Doctors suggested me to shift to a cancer hospital in Banglore. (April 94)In Banglore after several tests and Chemotherapy doctors busted out the tumer in my stomach and also operated to remove it. There was no progress at all, i was sinking. After spending loads of money and getting operational injuries i was fed up of this treatment. Doctors were also loosing hope in me as my cancer was in the last stage. My sister in Pune suggested me to give a last try for Ayurvedic medicine of Vaidya Dhananjay Khasgiwale. Vaidya took my case as a challenge. His medicines started giving me positive results with in 15 days. After few months when i went under some tests, reports showed an amazing improvement in my body. Doctors in Belgaum hospital stated that this is a “miracle”. Today i am totally free from cancer. My life is back to normal, i have joined my office and continuing with my life without any health complaints. Thanks to Vaidya Khasgiwale, Thanks for giving me my LIFE back.

– Mangesh Deolkar, Patient of non hodgkin’s malignant lymphoma, type of Blood Cancer, Belgaum